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Sink-O de Mayo

May 5, 2017

My plumbing is a big mess.  The professionals were here on Wednesday and will be back on Monday to break open the basement floor.

Naturally, this is a good excuse to have some beers.  Beers are always a good excuse to have tacos.  Not that anyone ever needs an excuse for tacos.

And here we are on the 5th of May.  The force was with us yesterday and the dark side is back already.  So I grabbed some Dark Tower beer and got to work with what I had.

I already had Brussel sprouts and I saw this recipe while perusing for ideas, so I ordered a few items for delivery from a fancy grocer.  They were out of limes, queso fresco and queso blanco.  That’s a high level fail.

I persevered thanks to that 9.2% ABV beer.

I riffed a bit off the recipe – adding red bell pepper and leek; using Serrano peppers instead of poblano and adding ancho pepper powder.

The hardest part of this was cutting Brussel sprouts in half and chopping onion.

It all worked.  Queso fresco would have been nice, but I got over it.  Probably.  The sauce really is damn good.  So is the beer.

Now I have a sink full of dishes to clean and I don’t want to risk running a bunch of water until the professionals come back.

These tacos were worth it.

We are gathered here today…

Saucey sauce.

Save me, angry cowboy.

Sprouts, red bell pepper and garlic.  I can still smell that garlic.

Work it.  Sweat.

Warm and ready.

Here we have tacos.  Thank somebody.  (Me, mostly)

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    • December 31, 2018 8:23 PM

      I appreciate your stance on this important issue. Please spread the word.

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