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Summer Leftovers

October 9, 2015

This past week brought back some really nice weather.  The kind that people around here have to relish every moment of because it would come ’round again for a while.  A last gasp of warm breath from Odur.

Such days are even easier to appreciate after the dismal weather of last week.

Not that dog and I wouldn’t be out there slogging no matter the weather, but a late night walk through the park was a beautiful experience.  A soft, refreshing breeze.  The smell of the most stubborn flowers mixed with the scent of wood fires dancing in the air.

These evenings paint a sort of languid melancholy in the face of yet another turn toward shorter days, falling leaves and cold rains.  It feels good to slow down and feel the lush grass.  Watch the fat bumblebees meandering, getting in a little overtime while they can.

It was a dark and unstormy night…

That leaf is acting suspiciously. Bark at it!

The following afternoon felt no less right.  The sun was blazing and the sky was crystal clear; blue as ever it was meant to be.

I give in fully to Autumn when the baseball playoffs begin and I’ll turn my sights to pumpkins and zombie cookies.  Yes, I got suckered by the grocery display and I’m going to enjoy making them, dammit.

The Cubs won on Wednesday and made it to the big boy playoffs, but until they play tonight, I’m hanging on to summer.

Together forever; survivors ’til the bitter end.

It’s just one leaf. It doesn’t mean anything!

The Rusty Blackbird. Only rusty in autumn. I guess I have to give in.  Those cookies won’t bake themselves.

All things considered, the crowd was pretty civil.

Go, Cubs, Go!

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