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Back in the saddle again

September 11, 2015

Things change.  Usually slowly.  Often so slowly that you hardly notice.  Your new self is shocked when comparing with days gone by.

Sometimes, drastic shifts happen in the blink of an eye.  Today is a day people are reminded of something like that.

For us, dog and I, today was a reversion to the norm.  Or whatever was the norm when our world shifted with the violent tearing of a dog’s ACL nearly a year ago.

Running was out of the question.  Walking was something to work on.  Pills and pills and pills are now just part of dinner time.

5AM was still 5AM, but we no longer belonged in it.  We used to go run.  That became an assisted limping walk to the front yard and back inside.  I had to find a new way to work out.

The surgery fixed the immediate issue, but it’s been a long haul.  We adjusted.  Life goes on.

This past week was a sort of breakthrough.  The dog has a hitch in her giddyup, but it’s more of a memory than a reality.  I rub my shoulder sometimes, even when it doesn’t hurt.  It’s a memory prick.  The phantom of a pain you know too well to believe it has ever left you for good.  The hitch is gone when she gallops, lost in the joy of it.  The distrust of her knee is gone in those moments now.  This has been a long time coming.

Today was like falling back in time.

There was carefree running and some jumping without obvious canine cringing.

Nevertheless, our routine is forever changed.  We do what running is possible in the afternoon now.  It was the best time to make use of a slow walk when that was all she could do.  The heat of the sun made it more of a workout and slowed the dog down naturally.  She’s not a dog that likes the heat.

Today was a gloomy, rainy afternoon.  Not cold and not hot.  With a cool sprinkle from up high.  Darkened shadows under the clouds and tree cover.

The kids went back to school on Tuesday.  The park was empty, like it is when you are out before the crack of dawn.  It’s solitary, not lonely.  Peaceful.

We splashed in the puddles and ran through the mud.  We chased every squirrel.

The newest generation of fuzzy-tailed rogues learned that the old myths were really true.  The scourge of the northern Chicago parklands is back.

The clouds are rollin’ in.

And we are rollin’ out.

She can see you in the trees, you rascals.

You best keep your wits about you, nut-lover.

The beast is back.

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  1. September 16, 2015 12:01 AM

    Dog is looking sassy.

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