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Summer of Ugh, dog edition

August 3, 2015

I thought taking care of the dog after her knee surgery in June and July was bad.  It was, but mostly just from fretting.  She didn’t actually require much.  Especially while she was on the sauce.

We followed that all up with a full on teeth cleaning on Tuesday.  Yet another chance for dog to float on the clouds of anesthesia.  If I find her hocking her collar for dope money, I won’t be that surprised.

Friday she got stung by a wasp on her front paw.  That seemed traumatic, but she got over it in a few hours even though she howled like a fiend in the vet’s office.

Today, there was a skunking.  Not a glancing shot either.  A full on blast to the face as dog dragged the thing out of a bramble of bushes.

I’ve dealt with this before with great results.  On other dogs.  I knew all the tricks.  I used them.  I googled for more.  I gave up.

Now, hours later, I’m pretty sure I will never get the smell of skunk out of my nose.  The dog has had more baths this afternoon then the rest of her life combined.  The pet store clerk is wondering why I was soaking wet while I was there and the grocery people think I’m insane.

My shopping list consisted of 4 bottles of peroxide, 2 kinds of feminine douche, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, rubber gloves, wash cloths, eye drops, baby powder, dish soap, a bucket and a roast beast sammich.  What can I say, I was hungry.

Let me tell you.  None of that shit works.  None of it.  Not the tomato juice (which I knew, but I already had it in the house so why not).  Not the various vinegar solutions.  Not the expensive skunk product the pet store sells.  I only tried one of the douches, but it didn’t do much of anything.  Not the pet shampoos over and over again.

It’s better than it was, but I guess a direct shot from a few inches away is just hard to overcome.

You’re welcome to offer your own solutions, but we are done for the day.  If I turn the hose on again, I think the dog will throttle me with it.

I’ll put the lotion back in the basket before I get the hose myself.

I’ve yet to try peppermint mouthwash, milk or beer.  Maybe tomorrow.  I drank all the beer yesterday anyway.

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  1. August 3, 2015 5:00 PM

    the look of betrayal!

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