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Such is Mango

May 20, 2015

I saw a tip about mango peeling via Food52.  I almost passed it by.  I am tired of the term “hack”.  It’s become hackneyed.  I was also sure it would be something I’ve seen before.  I also hate YouTube because it hated me first.

I watched the video because I wanted to make fun of it.

I’m going to try this now.  I’ll even allow for the use of the term “hack” as it uses a tool (a drinking glass) in a way other than for what it was designed.  I’m just going to ignore the part about it being brilliant.  It seems to work and that’s cool.  The video is short and gets down to business without wasting my time.  I like that.  Besides, Katie has nifty hair.

Of course, I won’t know for sure until I do it myself.

You never know, I just might miss the technique I currently use, which involves handling a peeled mango like it’s the slickest bar of soap in existence.  I get to tread that fine edge of insanity that only comes with casual knife use.  Plus, I get practice not dropping the soap.  I’m positive that will come in handy some day.

“Mango is like a drug. You must have more and more and more of the Mango until there is no Mango left. Not even for Mango!”  Mango

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