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April showers leeking into May

May 13, 2015

It’s been cold and wet for the better part of this month.  Some day soon it will be hot as Hades.

While waiting for that to happen, I made some soup to warm my ass up.

Simple stuff, but you can’t beat it.

However, you can blend it, and I did.  Then I strained it.

Leeks and onion sautéed in a pot.  Added garlic, then veggie broth.  Stick blender.  Then the tedious straining that I sometimes do.  I really need a better straining method, but as soon as I’m done, I block out the experience – until I’m faced with it again.

Just before blending, I added fresh baby spinach and some spices.  This gave it a nice, sickly alien green color.

It was tasty.  That’s the important part.  Isn’t it?

Leek, onion, butter, salt and pepper.

Softened and ready. Isn’t that how your gal likes it :/

Broth warmed. Spinach and spices at the last minute.

The stick, doing its thang.

Soup is on. Garnished with some slices of cherry tomato, slices of jalapeño, tarragon, green onion and a dollop of greek yogurt.

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