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Taming of the Beast

May 7, 2015

April was a long month.  I managed to slog through another Camp Nano.

More importantly, the dog finally had knee surgery.  The ongoing saga of her ACL injury moved toward a conclusion.

The initial injury was a partial ACL tear and after surgical consult, it was decided to wait for the full tear before cutting her open.  That took longer than it should have.

Finally, one Sunday morning in the rain, she yelped, the damage was full, and I had to lug her ass back home.

Full ACL tear.  Partial meniscus tear.  Tibial tuberosity advancement.

It has been a frustrating three plus weeks since surgery (and much longer since the initial injury) and it will surely get worse before she and I finally get the OK to run. Eight weeks minimum – no doing of anything!

Obviously, I could run without her, but I never have.  The joy of it for me exists mostly from seeing her go go go.  At least, that’s what I tell myself as I sit around doing nothing but watch my waistline grow.

Dog rehab is a full-time activity.  Keeping the dog from running, jumping or playing is a Sisyphean task that makes us both a little insane.  A little more than usual, anyway.

I’ve had some crap injuries myself and I know how she feels.  Unfortunately, nobody put a leash on me.  I still haven’t learned how to tone it down.

I want to frolic, too, but I must pretend to be the adult in this house.

On the bright side, stitches came out last week, scabs are gone and the cone finally came off.  The first park visit in a month was refreshing.

What have you done to me!?

My life is over.



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