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Directions unclear…stuck my steak in it

August 29, 2014

Unboxing is a thing.  This is the story of an unboxing.  A food unboxing.

It’s common for me to forget what I ordered for my Tuesday delivery.

When I saw the second box this past Tuesday (one more than average!), I was hard pressed to recall what I might have added.  I was pretty excited to find out.

Contents of box may result in eating more Good Food! I hope so.


Surprise, surprise!  The box contained steak.  One small steak.  That’s it.  Just the meat, ma’am.

Now, I was still ecstatic to have the steak, but I couldn’t help giggling at the ridiculous package.


Are you sure there’s something in there?


The box had a white, insulated interior container and a black styrofoam “envelope” with dire warnings.  This must be the Raja of Steaks.

That does say dry ice.  If these people thought I was just going to let that go without breaking the seal, they’ve got another thing coming.  Don’t they know I’m loco!

Caution shmaution, I needed to see this dry ice.  I don’t receive boxes with dry ice very often.


Wait, what? Don’t what? Ooops


That is a block of dry ice.  It’s cold.  Really cold.  Apparently the normal bunch of ice packs wasn’t cool enough.  This steak was seriously cool, ya dig?

Not that I should complain, my house is overrun with extra ice packs that I’m sure I have a use for.  I’m working on a plan for an ice pack suit for the climate change zombie apocalypse.

I didn’t eat it, so I got that goin’ for me…which is nice.

I did eat the steak and it was fantastic.  I  had the most glorious steak tacos tonight.

(this stuff will get recycled, the fine folks that deliver also take back the packaging for recycling, so it’s not as ridiculous as it seems….maybe)

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