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Tuesdays are my new Christmas

June 3, 2014

Tuesday is the day I get my food delivery from Door 2 Door.

It always sneaks up on me.

Like Christmas, there tends to be a last-minute panic.  This happens a day or so before when I realize how much stuff I didn’t eat from the last delivery.

I run around wracking my brain to package up the remaining random bits and bobs into something edible.  It’s not very hard.  It’s always tasty.

This moment comes with lots of philosophical thought regarding beet tops, why I would have purchased so many beans and what a horrible person I am for remorselessly cutting eyes off those remaining potatoes.

When Tuesday rolls around, all of this haphazardry is forgotten.  There is only the joy of unboxing.  Quizzically unwrapping something that reveals itself to be the single banana muffin I had completely forgotten about.  Joy abounds.

It’s summer, so I am getting even more fruit than usual, which tends to be a lot either way.

My pear is definitely ready for bikini season.  And just in time!


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