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Valentine’s Day Mass of Curses

February 14, 2014

I never make much of the day.  However, I am not a total curmudgeon.

I can muster up a Hershey’s bar with a bow or maybe some wilted grocery store flowers.

Things were bound to make it a struggle, as usual.

Shit happens, I get that.  Even if you have prepared yourself and done things by the book.

Mother Nature is always getting in the way.

However, UPS does nothing to help.  They are, as usual, a bunch of shit stains.

Two days!  Unless weather!  Then we will probably get it there on Monday.

No exceptions can be made for Saturday deliveries!

I’m sure the vegetation in that box will be just fine.  Rosy and perky as the day it left.

Second day air ain’t what it used to be.

I wouldn’t be particularly peeved other than the fact that Greensboro is 70 miles from the ultimate destination, the weather is long gone and it’s 50 degrees over there.

I know, I know….logistics, logistics, logistics.  Just let me rant.

Plus, there are those times I wait at home for deliveries only to be told by the UPS website that I wasn’t home and a note was left.  These two lies have occurred more than once when I waited home all day for a package.

I bet you remember Christmas, when UPS was a model of poor service.  Failing to predict that there just might possibly maybe be an increase in demand for Christmas deliveries.  Who could have guessed such a rare and unusual set of circumstances?

There is no way that this could have worked out.  Unless I had used FedEx Second Day Air like I did for another package, which is going to arrive on time today at that very same location.

Yes, I am well aware that nothing is guaranteed.  It said so right there on the web page.

I should have just called a local joint.  I never learn.

Well, one thing is certainly guaranteed.  That nothing will be done to make a customer feel better about such transactions.

Sorry, sir.  Nothing we can do.  NEXT!

Thanks UPS!  Getting fucked on Valentine’s Day is always a good time :)

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