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Cooking with Tablets

January 26, 2014

Lots of us use a tablet these days to glance at recipes.  I usually put mine in a Ziploc bag because things can get messy and it’s an easy fix.

You probably didn’t know people were using tablets for recipes as far back as 1750BC.  Some of you probably thought BC meant “Before Cooking”.

Let me put that wrongness to rest.

The oldest cookbooks were inscribed in Akkadian on clay tablets.

I really need to have a go at Mesopotamian Wildfowl Pie or Lamb with Barley and Mint.

The book “The Oldest Cuisine in the World: Cooking in Mesopotamia” is probably something I need to read.

I have a thing for old cookbooks.  Even the ones filled with scary frankfurter and fruit concoctions floating in a giant mold of lime green jello.  They tend to come dirt cheap at the book fair or your neighbor’s yard sale.  Entertaining, if nothing else.

Everyone should have a copy of the Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking, shouldn’t they?

Those fancy sammiches sure are….fancy?  I know you are ogling that tongue filling.

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