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Happy Halloween

October 31, 2013

The thing about Halloween is….it’s not very hallowed.

It’s hilarious.

I don’t really enjoy having to gate the dog  in the office with me.  That barely audible dog whine is the thing that will break my skull in the end times.

I don’t need to hear screaming chilluns all night (not that it would be different from any other night in the hood).  I don’t want to get up 100 times in an evening to answer the door.  I don’t want to give away chocolate that I could be eating.  Or sugar shaped like sugar that I could be eating.

However, small children are funny.  Small children at night, in strange outfits, anticipating a sugar binge provided free by people in the neighborhood that usually give them dirty looks… magick at your doorstep.

I never thought I would ever hear such joy from a child exclaiming “I GOT SWEDISH FISH!”

You go, girl!  And I thought I was hoarding the Reese’s cups while pawning off the low-grade candy on you.

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