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Acorn Squash drizzled with Chili Oil

October 22, 2013

Autumn means squash.  Not only the chance to have your pumpkins stomped on your doorstep, but also for general consumption.

I see you trying to hide that pumpkin spice latte.  I don’t judge.  Much.

I had some acorn squash.  If you assumed I roasted it, you are spot on.

I like roasting things.  The fire speaks to me.

This turned out to be damn good.   11/10 would roast again.

I used the basic idea behind this recipe, with some slight alterations.

I used tons of garlic and a Habanero (I do like the spicy), plus lemon instead of lime (because that’s what I had).

What I did do was use fookin’ rubber gloves for once.  Take that Habanero, you spicy bastard.

What I did not do was take them off after that.  Trying to chop cilantro with rubber gloves is Three Stooges level comical.  I’m just happy I didn’t poke myself in the eye, drop the knife through my foot and fall backward over the dog into the oven.

Roasted the garlic until it was tender inside and had a little crunch on the edges.

The caramelized crunch, the sweetness of the squash and the spicy dressing came together really well.

I’m not one of those genetic freaks that thinks cilantro tastes like soap. Can’t get enough of it.

All hail, our savior, Rubber Gloves!

Trust me, it tastes grrrrrrreat.

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