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Doggone It

October 9, 2013

The pup went for some dental work.  As you can see, she wasn’t too pleased with the experience.  Useless bandage is useless.

“I will have my revenge!” Scout 10/8/13

On the way home, I dropped into the grocery to grab some soft food and some pill pockets to tide us over until I could get to the pet store proper today.

At the mercy of the grocery store inventory, I grabbed the only packet of pill pockets they had (Sergeant’s Vetscription Medi-Wraps).

Scout is a magician with pills.  Even peanut butter doesn’t work.  Usually I have to manually insert far enough that she swallows out of reflex.  With a mouth full of stitches, this wasn’t going to be a viable strategy.

The contents of the package of pill pockets was laughable.  I sort of laughed.  That kind of disbelieving “well, I just got fucked” kind of laugh.

What the hell was I supposed to do with these dry, crumbly bits of not-quite-folded-over crud?  The dog didn’t even want them without the subterfuge of a hidden pill.  Hiding a pill in a cat turd would be a more successful delivery strategy.

Obviously, I had to run out and get the real deal.  Scout doesn’t always fall for pill pockets (mostly never, but a guy’s gotta try), but when she does….it’s a Greenies.


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