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I flame, I slaw, I conquered

September 23, 2013

OK, that title is a stretch.  Give me a break, I’m hung over.  At least it was worth it.  Helluva Bears game last night.

And now the point of this post…

I made a burger.  It was a damn good burger.  Ground bison (from Cook’s Bison Ranch), with lamb bacon (from Smoking Goose) and goat cheese.  Bison is a lean meat, so you need to grease the skids a bit to avoid a dry burger.  It also needs something to keep it from falling apart (I used egg).

This was my first exposure to lamb bacon.  It did itself proud as a member of the bacon family.  It tastes like bacon should taste with the added gamey zing you get from lamb.

The goat cheese was, simply stated, one of the best I’ve ever eaten.  It is the Goata Blanc from Great American Cheese Collection, purchased through D2D.

Now, that’s all fine and dandy, but what I really want to talk about is slaw.  For some unknown reason, I acquired a head of cabbage.  I don’t know what I was thinking or if I even had a plan in mind for the cabbage.   Nevertheless, there it sat in my refrigerator.  Staring at me.  Making me question my sanity.  What on Earth was I going to do with cabbage?

I had already planned on making the burger.  Slaw seems like a perfect accompaniment.  I don’t know why it took me so long to come to that realization.

I loosely followed this recipe for Carolina slaw because those were the ingredients I had laying about the kitchen.  I didn’t have enough apple cider vinegar.  Instead, I went half and half with rice wine vinegar.  I also shredded an apple and threw that in with all the rest of the ingredients.  The results were outstanding.  I prefer a vinegar-based slaw and this fit the bill.  Additionally, the color of the carrots added to the visual appeal.

To round out the meal, I oiled up some taters (TATERS, you pervs!), sprinkled liberally with spices and roasted them crispy.

Conquering never tasted so swell.

Burger makin’ stuff.

What dreams are made of.

Mmmm, that bacon.

…and cheese.

Crispy and melty. Like Bert and Ernie, but not at all.

Slaw good, bro.


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  1. Necromanticore permalink
    September 24, 2013 10:33 AM

    Looks great!

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