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Easy Shankin’, Shankin’ it Slow

May 9, 2013

I bought a lamb shank.  Just one.  I’m not a giant-sized feller.

When it arrived with the rest of my weekly food order, I stuck it in the fridge.

It loomed over me.  I had to cook it.  The more I thought about it, the less motivated I felt about the whole ordeal.

While it waited, I ate some of the ingredients I had meant to cook with it.  This caused more consternation.  I would have to wing it with what I had.

I should have known better than to worry overmuch about such things.  Good, fresh ingredients will produce good results.

The other thing sticking in my craw was the timing of it.  That shank was going to take a bit of time.  In my head, that translated to effort.  Wrongly so, of course, but sometimes logic loses out to lazy.

The reality is, cooking the shank was easy as frozen pot pie.  Granted, it still took a few hours, but most of that involved me sitting in my office puttering through the Interwebs looking at funny animal pictures and good-naturedly trolling people on social networks.

I was simply balking at having to start three hours before I wanted to eat.  Like poor Derrick Rose, I just couldn’t get over the mental hurdle and get my ass in the game.  Fortunately for me, I got over it.  Sadly for the Bulls, we are all still waiting on Derrick.

When I finally got in gear, I took what I had, mixed it up and cooked it for a little more than an hour and a half.  It was good.  And it was easy.

THE TALE OF THE TAPE: Lamb Shank braised in red wine with red wine soaked dried cherries, baby carrots, baby turnips, whole garlic cloves, white button mushrooms, red onion, green onion, California peppers, orange juice and zest, herbs de Provence, oregano, bay leaf, pinch of dried mint. Polenta with a touch of butter. Baby spring greens mix salad with cucumber, orange, pink lady apples, dried cherry.

Probably more junk than anyone needs to toss in, but I had some bits and pieces that were laying about and they got tossed in for the helluvit.

The shank got browned in the pan on all sides (yes, even the sides) in a bit of oil.  The carrots, mushrooms and red onion get sweated out in the same pan (after removing the browned shank to a plate to wait).  Then everything but the shank got tossed in, including the liquids (including a bit of broth) until it boiled.  The shank was added, the whole shebang covered and went into a preheated 350 degree oven until the shank was beautifully tender.  You want liquid enough to just about cover the shanks.  I turned the shank a couple of times during the hour and a half or so it was in the oven.  The polenta and salad parts are self-explanatory.

I was just going with the flow, but this is the general way of braised shanking.  Obviously, adjust as you must for more than one.  Mostly that would involve using a bigger pot.

Did not use that tomato paste, but I thought about it :P

That didn’t require a lot of chopping!

Sizzle sizzle fo’ shizzle

Just like a day in the sun.

Get in thar, no complaining.

I had an old Dirty Bastard sitting around. Drinkin’ and shankin’.

Comfy bed of polenta (with just a touch of butter)

Take us on home, Bob…..

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  1. May 9, 2013 7:41 PM

    OM NOM NOM!!!

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