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Least Most Influential

May 7, 2013

Nothing has any meaning.

Tim Tebow, that fullback masquerading as a QB without a job, topped Forbes 2013 list of America’s Most Influential Athletes.

The list has nothing to do with how good those athletes are or how important they are to their respective sports.  It’s a strange sort of popularity contest.  Tebow, for all his lameness…and he has it in spades, clearly has a legion of people who seem to think he is important.  I can’t speculate as to why they think such a thing.  Nothing he has done has earned it.  There are tons of really decent young people out there.  There are enough better football players in the NFL that he doesn’t even have a job now.

This list falls out much the same way as any list of the year’s hottest celebrities.  The list is ranked by relative showing in the media.  Much the same way as the last good movie voters saw has the best shot at winning awards.  Similar to how the “hottest” female personality is just the one that has been out in the public eye the most recently.  It is a mark of our short attention span.

These kind of lists used to be fun.  Now they are just reminders of how silly we have become.

All in all, I would just like to ignore it.  Sadly, I didn’t.



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