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In Which I Add Mangoes

December 20, 2012

The world isn’t ending and there isn’t even a damn blizzard over here.

So I did the only thing I could do.  I made more frozen banana crud.

This time I added mangoes and dried cranberries.  Then I tossed in some whole raw almonds as an after thought.  Because I like them and I like crunch.

I froze the mangoes whole.  They were going to ripe the fuggggg out and I didn’t have anything I wanted them for, so I threw them in the freezer and slammed it shut last week.  Like they were fruit grenades and my life depended on it.

In my sad, snowless state, I decided I would do up more of that banana ice cream stuff and add in the mangoes.

Worked like a charm.  I would suggest that anyone attempting the same process put on some rubber gloves or hold those frozen mangoes with a towel or something.  My hand is still frozen.






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