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Pangs Happens All Over

September 20, 2012


So, I went away from the house for a number of days.  This kind of thing takes all kinds of planning and hullabaloo just to get out the door.  It’s usually worth it.  Even for the merest of journeys.

No matter the destination or the method of travel, I always look forward to the change in routine.  What will be different; what will be the same; what will be a close facsimile, but simply not a replacement.

I managed to get my arse all the way to Minnesota.

Along the way I faced such decisions as:

  • Will I really, really regret not zipping all the panels into the Jeep top or will I manage to outrun that really nasty storm cloud following me across the mighty Mississippi? (yes AND yes)
  • Will I remember to take a picture of that giant pink elephant on my trip home?  (the answer is no, but the picture happened anyway)
  • What will I eat when I pull over for gas? (lots of junk)
  • Can I make it to the next gas station? (probably)
  • Is my camera really not going to work for the entire trip? (a most emphatic and cuss-filled YES)

Now, this was a trip that wasn’t intended to be luxurious.  It was a trip into the woods and under the stars.  I still managed to eat lots of stuff.  Nuts, more nuts, tons of fruit, spilled granola, Jiffy Pop (F YEAH!), corn on the cob right out of the fire ashes, diner breakfast, diner lunch, fresh cheese curds, turkey jerky and a mess ‘o camp coffee.

Cedarwood Family Restaurant

Thanks, Jan!

I watched it the whole dang time.

Double, double, toil and trouble.

Sometimes you just have to do your own thang.

OMG, It’s burning!

Or….it’s just steaming itself perfectly inside that husk.

I heard everyone was into J-pop. Gave it a shot. Can’t says that I blames ’em :P

How you doin’? I forgot about the Pink Elephant on the way home….however, I had to get gas. When I pulled off, guess who was there waiting for me? Serendipity is me and a giant glasses-wearing pink elephant.

Been a long day…time for a dip.

Eventually I trucked myself home from Mille Lacs Lake, fueled by energy beverages in neon hued cans and Milky Ways.  Once home, I realized the only cure for post travel ennui is to make ribs.  The later you start the better.  Preferably so late that, having finished the half bottle of wine that was sitting on the counter, you have trouble staying awake long enough to baste those suckers a few times and remove them from the oven before some sort of disaster occurs.

The real miracle that happened here was being able to use all the aging vegetables in the fridge.  Roasted them all in a pan.  Mashed sweet potato with shallot.  Ragout of eggplant, tomato, tomatillo, peppers and garlic.

slow cooked ribs over various type veggies

Because I just didn’t eat enough meat while camping *_*


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