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Food TV Musing

September 3, 2012

I watch a ton of food related TV.  Some of it’s fun.  Some of it is more like train-wreck rubbernecking.

The Next Food Network Star is the latter (or whatever the hell they call it now).

There is typically only one winner.  Yet somehow more than one of them will end up on TV.

Is this really the best you can do, people?

Somehow this guy won the seventh season (holy crap, there have been seven seasons!)  I suppose because his lame, put-on personality was the best of the worst and his ability to make sandwiches was ever so unique and wonderful.

Now the guy has a second show, $24 in 24, where he trots his lameness around the country showing us how to get fed for a day on twenty-four dollars.  Because you haven’t already figured that out.

Show seems familiar.  Anyone remember $40 a Day?  Granted, it’s $16 more.  I’m no Rachel Ray fan, but I’ll pony up the extra $16 just so I don’t have to watch Steve Newlin’s long-lost cousin waste any more of our food television time.

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