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It’s Good To Be The King, Not So Good To Be A Prince

August 21, 2012
Members of a fraternity displaying their new h...

Members of a fraternity displaying their new heart brands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hazing.  It happens.  I’ve played sports all my life.  I have seen it all.  I never liked it.  Not because it’s particularly dangerous, but because it is foolish and unnecessary.

If you saw any sports news the last few days, then you say Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Football Giants carrying his teammate, Prince Amukamara, down a hall and dumping him unceremoniously into a cold tub.

Now, I don’t have any particular concerns for Prince.

There are a few things that bother me about this incident.

First and foremost, the person that seems to be catching the most flack for this is the punter, Steve Weatherford, who posted the video online.  All the usual bullshit has come down on Weatherford for breaking trust and “the code” and allowing in-house business to be seen by the public.

These are the kinds of things people who skirt the rules say.

“You wouldn’t understand”

The people dumping on Weatherford are claiming his failure was that this promotes hazing as OK for all the little kiddies that might see this video.

Guess what, fuckfaces, everyone knows this happens, including young people who have never seen this video.  What makes hazing seem OK to the impressionable is all the language that you use to try to make hazing OK.

You see, we just don’t get it.  We’re not part of the football fraternity (hazing is still OK at university fraternities, isn’t it….oh, wait).  We aren’t man children.  We don’t fight the wars in the trenches.

Do you assholes hear yourselves?

Secondly, and more importantly, is the NFL not a workplace environment?  These are adults getting paid a shit ton of money and represented by a labor union.  How in the world can anyone suggest that hazing at a WORKPLACE, regardless of what that workplace is, is OK?

I must repeat that I don’t even find the actual act disturbing.  I know how locker rooms are.  I also know that it’s wrong and when you get called out on it, you just have to admit it was stupid and wrong.  When you try to pretend there are legitimate reasons to haze in this manner, you’re an idiot.

Those of you Giants screaming for Prince to stand up for himself?  You are also idiots.  That is how people get hurt.  Prince did the only thing he could to ensure the situation did not get out of hand, and therefore result in unintended injury.

For anyone worried about sending the wrong message to children by allowing this video footage into the public?  You’re even bigger idiots.  What you are saying to everyone is that certain bad behavior is OK in private, as long as nobody sees it.

The reason you didn’t want this video seen is because you know the public would tell you what a bunch of maroons you are.

This isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened, much less this week.  I’m sure Prince can handle himself, despite what JPP seems to suggest.

If they want to make rookies, which Prince is not (and estimated that this happened to him 8 times last year and he isn’t sure why it happened this time), sing their alma mater’s fight song on cue or carry veteran players’ bags or other good-natured teasing, that’s an entirely different thing.

What this is, is wrong.  Nobody should have to defend themselves from their teammates who are trying to “toughen them up.”

Grow the fuck up already.  Being a professional athlete in a sport with a ton of physical contact does not mean that, outside the lines, you get to act like a pack of roving hyenas.  Even behind closed doors, in your own locker room.

What happened would be called assault anywhere else.  Or are they taking an asinine Todd Akin-style stance here that only forcible hazing is wrong and since Prince didn’t actively fight back, it wasn’t forcible, and therefore no big deal.  In the case of forcible hazing, the player’s natural defenses will prevent him from being injured by falling awkwardly into a fucking tub.  Hell, look at the way he’s dressed….

We really need to stop letting these fuckers get away with murder.

I feel like I’m watching a bunch of children trying to make excuses for their behavior.

If you do things that you don’t want other people to see or know about, then there is a seriously solid chance you are doing something wrong.

Fucking think about it.

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