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DirecTV, You Rascals

July 30, 2012


I’ve been going ’round and ’round with DirecTV for a week now.  I’m having some issues; they aren’t being helpful.

Quite the contrary.

The person I spoke to on the phone outright lied to me so I would agree to something I didn’t really want.  Of course, I could assume the person was just incompetent and knew nothing of the product, but I won’t.  This is also partially my fault for daring to ask for something specific.

The installation guy was super nice and told me exactly how to respond to certain questions in a manner that would get me what I needed.  Which he could have handled on the spot, had he known.  Sadly, he doesn’t carry a full inventory of receivers in his little van.

Now, the truly wonderful part of this adventure came when the phone call with the liar was nearing its conclusion.

You see, DirecTV requires that everything you agreed to be read back to you so that everyone is clear on what has just happened and to ensure that I, as the customer, am aware of just what sort of deal I am committing to with the devil.

When it came to this part, the liar helpfully transferred me to the department that handles the “read back and double plus consent” bit of business.

The liar was helpful enough to warn me ahead of time….that this transfer would connect me to a rep in the Philippines and that they are hard to understand sometimes, given the accent.

The woman in the Philippines was very nice and spoke English very well, albeit with an accent.  I was, with some very minimal effort (mostly due to my suck ass land-line), able to decipher what was said to me.  Aided by the fact that I did, in fact, already understand fully what I had agreed to.

However, I could easily see quite a few people having trouble at this stage.

This would be hilarious if it weren’t so surreal.

Or, if it had happened to you.  While you were relating this to me over some beers and I laughed in your face.


English: Photo of the DIRECTV blimp operation....

With love we’ll find a way, just give it time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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