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Jive Jurkey

July 27, 2012


Turkey.  I eat a ton of it.  I never make it.  Managed to get some really nice turkey breast through Door2Door from Gunthorp Farms, a local farm.  I say managed like clicking some boxes on the D2D website is difficult.  Perhaps it was.  Perhaps you give me too much credit.

The idea of cooking turkey always brings to mind Thanksgiving dinner preparation back at the ‘ol homestead.  My mother had a handle on it all, but it seemed like quite the production.

It’s been hard to shake that sense of impending hassle when I’ve considered cooking my own instead of buying from the deli or the meat man.  Thing is, my oven has a thermometer.  This makes the cooking of such things ridiculously easy.  By using a nice breast instead of a whole bird, the cooking time is greatly reduced.

I simply placed a hastily concocted marinate in a bag (don’t ask me, I just grabbed what felt right from the fridge door and added in some good spices…I’m sure you can determine what you like.  If you can’t, I certainly can’t tell you.  Or won’t….mwuahahahaha).

Ahem.  I did let it stew overnight, but just because by the time I should have been cooking yesterday, I was in a mood and ended up going outside to see some tunes in the park.  It was the right thing to do.  My rage level was significantly reduced as a result.  Some latin jazz outside on a nice summer evening will do that.  And it was actually nice out, for once.  Not the miserable A/B option of horrendous heat or torrential downpour that the majority of this summer has been comprised of.

I put the breast in a pan, coated it with more of the dry seasoning (rubbed it even…quite lovingly), stuck the thermometer into the thick part and hooked the thermometer to the oven at 170 degrees and set the oven to cook at 325 degrees.

While I waited for it to finish, I decided to roast a fennel bulb to go along with it.  The turkey is primarily going to make spectacular sammiches, but for tonight, I thought I would make the pretense of civility.

From this basic recipe, I cut up the fennel bulb, coated in olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a touch of salt and freshly ground pepper.  400 degrees for 20 minutes and the fennel was transformed into greatness.

To finish the plate off, I soaked some quartered cucumber slices in a bit of vinegar and sugar, then tossed it with some of the fennel fronds, parsley, red seedless grape halves, salt and pepper, with a bit of cheese shaving on top for the hell of it.  I saved the rest of the fennel stalk and fronds for probable use as a bed for a fish preparation.

My what a long thermometer you have!

Beheaded fennel

Fully dismembered fennel

Man, you got roasted, bro!

Plated…didn’t stay like that for long.


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