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Here there be Dragon

July 15, 2012

Off I went to the pet store.  Gathering crickets, frozen mice and dog food.

Came back with a fish.

I had engaged in a brief struggle to keep bettas in an empty tank I had lying around.  The first one didn’t last very long.  The second one was a trooper.

Until I got stupid and tried to put two in one tank.  Relax, they were different sexes (allegedly!) and the tank has an insertable wall to keep them apart.

Delusions.  I had them.

This went well for a week.  Until one of them discovered how to magick himself through the wall.

Fighting ensued.  Nobody survived.

I vowed not to do this anymore.  I had purposely moved to reptiles because keeping fish tanks, though beautiful, can be trying and involve more work than I was willing to give a $5 pet.

Surprise, surprise.  I couldn’t resist the healthy looking little brute that caught my eye.

I have a wealth of experience with fish tanks, both saltwater and fresh.  I simply can’t get over my failures with this.  If at first you don’t succeed….yeah, whatever.

Dubbed “Guidraco” after the recently discovered Chinese Pterosaur fossil and Chinese for “ghost dragon,” this one is a Dragon Scale Crowntail Betta.

I moved the tank into the kitchen so I can keep a closer eye on him.

Let’s wish him luck.

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  1. Necromanticore permalink
    July 16, 2012 9:56 PM


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