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It’s Tuesday Food Day!

July 10, 2012

I get my food delivery on Tuesdays from Door to Door Organics.

Practically speaking, this means that from Sunday to Tuesday, I am cleaning out the fridge to make room for new goods.

Last night, I managed to shove a large pile of carrots down my gullet.  I only bit my lip seven times in the endeavour.  Don’t worry, kids.  I made a poultice out of spittle and peanut butter.  All is well.  At least with respect to the lip.  Don’t even ask about my ass.  Unless you want photos of the damage ;P

This morning I used the last of the bok choy, tomato, egg and carrot for breakfast.

Carved out the inner tomato.  Let’s face it, don’t we all wish we had time to carve out our inner tomato?

Dropped the egg in the tomato cup, spiced it with cayenne pepper and sea salt and threw it in the oven on the convection bake setting and waited.

I used what I had left of my BOK CHOY! to create a nice, soft, leafy bed for the tomato and egg ball.  Sautéed lightly in olive oil with a little pepper and garlic salt.  Topped the sucker off with carrot shavings and julienned bok choy.

Simple stuff.  Good stuff.

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