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July 10, 2012

Discussing Arian Foster going vegan?  You don’t know anything about it, please keep your fucking mouths shut.

This was going to be a post about how Dan Lebatard and his father are the best thing about sports TV.  FUN.

Unfortunately, I have to listen to douches on ESPN tell Arian Foster that he should have asked the Houston Texans before going vegan.  I’m sure all the other players ask their teams before going out on benders.

There are absolutely some concerns for Foster.  Timing of the dietary change, for one (thanks Hugh Douglas for talking some sense).  However, if you think he isn’t on top of this with the best dietitians he can afford, you’re foolish.

It is absolutely possible for Foster to do this.

The debate is an example of just what we get from ESPN.  Thoughtless commentary.  Fear of the unknown.  Unnecessarily raised voices.  And just plain stupidity.

For the record, I’m not vegan.  I’m not even a vegetarian.  I eat meat when I want.  However, I do understand the concerns every individual has for their body and what they put in it.

Foster has challenges ahead.  He probably didn’t expect them to include ridicule and uninformed opinion.

Who am I kidding.  Of course he expected that.

It will take more effort and resources than it would for an athlete with a more traditional diet.

I wish him luck.

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