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Big Bird Theory

May 24, 2012

Nerds are hip, sir.  Or something.

This is how we get shows like The Big Bang Theory.

Your typical comedy, it reflects the entertainment culture of our day.  Lots of foolishness.  Plenty of socially awkward nerds.  Tons of pretending you’re cool because you watch it and understand it because you are smrt and hip, sir.

I’ve seen it and laughed.  The girl next door is cute.  More comedies could use the class of dialogue that this show produces.  Now, a little less Nerds in a Cage and a little more Nerds Dancing in a Cage and I might start recording it.  Good start with Raj’s sister.

The point here is that I was watching this damnable show.  An episode in which one of the socially awkward scientists deals with his fear of birds.

This bird (not this actual bird, but one like it…probably, I mean, maybe there is one really hawt Magpie that does all the modeling, I just don’t know).

ca caw ca caw

It’s a good-looking bird.  Why in the world should this be important?

It’s not.

However, it is annoying.  And very likely, the above Magpie will now be renamed “Blue Jay” so nobody will feel stupid.  Also because nobody has ever seen a wild bird other than the one that just hit the window behind their 27-inch monitor.

Sheldon Cooper should have saved us from this.  This show should have saved us from this nonsense.

Am I going to have to start paying more attention?  I don’t want to.

Sheldon Cooper is the character with the bird issues.  He is also the biggest know-it-all, correctaholic assbag of the bunch.

Naturally, when he referred to this bird as a blue jay, I lost my shit.

The bird is blue.  I’ll grant you that.  It is also technically a Jay, being one of the species so named as part of the Corvidae family.

It is not a Blue Jay.  It is a Black-Throated Magpie-Jay.

This is a blue jay.  Note the massive size difference and the lack of the pimp coat and tails.

tookie tookie

Sheldon, what has become of you?  Misidentification.  Overcoming fears.  Talking lovingly to one of our fine feathered friends.

That itch in the back of your skull, Sheldon, is the knowledge that you were wrong and we all know it.

Now tell me you writer folks did this on purpose and play it out to the finish.

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