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What Your TV Doesn’t know…

May 23, 2012

The TV is making you SMRTR!

You know how I love those infoblurbs.

Tragically hysterical.

Of course it is paranormal.  The whole thing is a conspiracy.  It has to be.  Who the hell would name something Huygens.

It’s the Mermen

If you couldn’t tell from the awesome infoblurb (which is silly because it is so well-worded), this is a show about the Huygens spacecraft.

It’s a pretty nifty bit of filmmaking following the process of sending a box of wires and probes (you can’t space travel without probing technology) off into space looking for a giant moon.

Talk about fairy tales.  Paranormal, indeed.  The addled space fantasies of some “SCIENTIST”.

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