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Rainy Daze and Chard-less Maze

May 6, 2012

It’s May.  Fifty-five degrees or eighty and humidity to die in.  Or sixty-five, inch diameter hail stones and thunder that shakes the home.

That sounds like soup weather.

Tortilla soup.

I basically followed this recipe.

Not much to it.  The tortilla strips fry up in two seconds.  Seeding the peppers is as easy as shaking them.  They are dry.  When your roasted stuff is roasted right, it won’t be hard to peel.

I made the base the evening before and let the flavors meld further overnight.  Then warmed the soup, added the fresh, chopped chard and dressed with the sides.

I went all over and there was no  chihuahua cheese.  I ended up shaving some asadero, which was superfantastik.  Still.  WTF with the chihuahua.  If I was looking for all these other cheeses, you know they would only have chihuahua.  Chihuahua.  Just say it.


Similar results with the chard.  Eventually, I got my weekly box.  It had some nice green chard.  Hells yeah I used that.  Had a hard time finding the right dried pepper as well, but I persevered.  Full, shell and head-on dried jumbo shrimp were abundant.  I need to make use of those somehow.

I was already started when I realized I had only the phone handy.  So here’s a string of shitty phone pics of the preparation.

Mostly ready to go. Mostly.

Not shiny wet, shiny crispy crumbly.


Shake and peel.

Modern technology creeps into the kitchen!

Saved the chili paste left after straining (may have added some hot sauce to add kick).

Elusive chard…is found in a bundle one late Tuesday evening in the rain-drenched alley?

Fried tortilla strips; lime; crispy, fried peppers; chili paste; cheese shreds; WINE; weapon…that should do it!

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