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Making Your Bones

April 28, 2012

I remember when I got my first serious gig.  It was hard.  People dump on you.  You are expected to know a lot.  You are kept in a closet until you are spit shined up and able to crash the World Economy with some cleverly designed asset-backed securities programs.  JUST SET IT AND FORGET IT!

Probably should have left those guys in the closet a little longer.

Anyway.  You know how I love those TV infoblurbs.  It’s like Tweeting or Plurking.  You have to sum up an episode or a movie in a short sentence.

The results can be awesome.  Or not so much.

For the episode of Bones on now, apparently “Human remains are found” is good enough.

That kind of effort is why I don’t read your Twitterings, fools.

Oh, human remains!  I love when they solve murder cases on this show.  This episode sounds just like that!

Some total assbag got paid to make sure that there was a blurb there.

Quantity not quality.

This is your entertainment experience.

“Bones are found.” would have been better.  At least I would know that you know (probably, you might just be a dope).  We could smirk silently to each other.  You, the shiftless blurb writer, and me, the cluelessly stupid television viewer, both silently laughing at how you put one over on The Man.  Or The Viewer.  Whatever.  Pass me a razzletini.

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