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Grab Some Bench

March 23, 2012

Yeah, yeah.  I know.  I was abducted.


The New York J-E-T-S are going to have a press conference to introduce their new backup quarterback.  They did not do this for their former backup QB, Drew Stanton, who was signed earlier in this offseason.  I assume the reason was because that employee hiring made sense.  This other hiring, I guess they have some ‘splainin’ to do.

The fact is, their new backup QB is not a good QB.  He is the worst QB in all of football.  This is not up for debate.  If you think it is, you might as well off yourself because you are beyond help and fall comfortably in the back half.  I’ve heard it’s fun at least.

Now, ESPN is broadcasting a one-hour special this evening at 7pm Eastern about this fucking joker.  They spend all day talking about this jamoke to the detriment of any other sports.  There are other sports aren’t there?  I heard something about a unicycle football league happening in America’s dustbin.

The guy is a Christian.  I don’t particularly care about that.  It doesn’t impact me if some half-wit fullback with a ton of cash feels like proselytizing to the masses.  I’ll warn him, I don’t think Gothamites will take it that well.  On the other hand, nobody needs a real Daddy more than the fucking Jets.  Rex is clearly the drunken step father that is so fucking lazy he makes you fetch the strap yourself.

Maybe it’ll be a positive for them.

What bothers me is; however, that ESPN continues to allow one single analyst to twist their entire programming around this shitbag.  A bad analyst at that.  And one who is up for an Emmy somehow.  I didn’t realize they gave an Emmy for most annoying person on TV.  This article sums up the nomination better than I can.  Well, maybe not.  I am awesome.  Nevertheless, I’m not going to rehash that nonsense.

What is the fucking point of all this?

The NHL playoffs are going to start and we can watch something sports related that is actually entertaining.  No, the NCAA Tourney does not count.  That’s called going to work.

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