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Welcome Home, Jerome!

November 21, 2011

So, I’m treading water on my nanowrimo novel.  I have plenty of words, they just aren’t typed.  And I still need to make up for a couple lost days in Arizona.

I’ve also been putting in motion some long pondered designs on the house.  Those designs having been immediately scrapped, I am now well on the way and winging it.

Part of the plan, which those of you that were listening in on my conversations with myself are well aware of, was to do something with an ancient Zenith TV.  I removed the guts and thought it would be neat with a fish tank in there.  I had a couple laying about that I thought might fit.

Prior to hitting the pet store, I stopped at Home Depot for some brackets to help magick the ladders into bookshelves.  Naturally, I didn’t find any brackets I wanted, but I bought plants.  This required me to go immediately home.  All the plants were full to the brim with water and sloshing shit all over.  I, of course, had not driven the Jeep.

Back at the homestead I watched the dog run around and pondered the goldfish situation.  I thought about taking care of a tank.  It would be handy to have the tank sit on a platform that would pull out, for easy access.

I went back out to the pet store.  I looked at goldfish with absurd, mutant googly eyes.  I looked at regular old goldfish.  I looked at baby koi, who looked in the fish world like that 100-pound five-year-old at the fair with the BBQ turkey leg and the crayon-eating dog shit-colored sweater.

I love a fish tank.  Especially at night.  The sound of the bubbles and the light.  It’s still a pain in the ass.  I also thought those tanks would be awful heavy for my sliding drawer mechanism.

It went sort of like this…fish, meh, done that; bird, done that, dirty, loud sons of bitches; rodents and small mammals…we call those toys around here; so….what else can I fit in a box that won’t be a pain?

Jerome Jesus Copernicus Lippmann


The tank will be slid into the empty TV box.



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