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September 26, 2011
Griff Jenkins; A videographer from Fox News in...

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Somehow I turned the TV on and Fox morning local news is on.

OK, it’s not a huge mystery.  I turned the Bears off in disgust yesterday, which left FOX on the tv.

The local news crew sucks.  They look fine enough, but they are stupid as hell and offer little to no valuable information.

I may be offering up the obvious, but this is just senseless.  Most of them aren’t even blatantly hot anymore (male or female).

So, we have uninformed, unfunny, unattractive filler for the television hour at 7am Central.

School started today!  The Teachers’ Union passed out in fear of having another hour of work.

There was traffic!  On a work day!

It’s raining!  How would we have ever known!

Hair flip, giggle, guffaw, does that 50-year-old anchor have frosted tips?

Tip for the Day:  Give yourself extra braking room.  It’s wet on the ground!

Skunk population is at an all time high – don’t get sprayed in the eye, it might blind you!

There are urinal cakes I would rather watch give me the weather information for the day.

Everyone can go F themselves today.

HERE’S A TIP FOR YOU FOX LOCAL NEWS PEOPLE: Read the fucking copy before you get to the desk. Maybe you will be able to pronounce the names of famous people correctly if you take some time to learn something before sitting down.







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