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It’s Just Ball, Dammit

September 20, 2011
Scranton/Wilkes Barre Yankees vs. Pawtucket Re...

Image by dougtone via Flickr

They made a movie about a sports book.  I don’t care.  Other than the one Thanksgiving when my brother and I came to blows over baseball statistics.  It originated over a spirited discussion of the schlock that is “Moneyball.”

Nothing special happened in the era of Sabremetrics.  Somebody just decided to use all those masses of data that baseball is forever obsessively collecting.  Surely, we are not going to claim a momentous moment when someone decided Shifty Cantral dribbling 90 degree mustard all over himself wasn’t that great a way to determine player value.

Where’s that ‘Ship, Billy.

In reality it is a story about teaching The Old Guarde to look for more data, analyze more data, and make decisions based on more than a few days watching a guy take lazy flies in Mesa, AZ.

A lot of shit goes into determining whether an infant in Wilkes-Barre is going to be the next Roger Clemens.  It isn’t written formulaically for interested sportsters striving towards baseball greatness.

As The Great Ozzie once said, ““Everybody is a good general manager when you have (bleeping) (Tim) Hudson, (Barry) Zito and (Mark) Mulder.  It’s easy to be a GM like that. It’s not a (bleeping) secret.”

Moneyball is about maximizing the change drawer.  Look were those Athletics are now.  No, don’t bother.  It’s ugly.

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