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July 29, 2011
Advertisment for AT&T company, 1920

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So, AT&T sucks.  Yes, you, AT&T.  I’m talking about you.

I’m almost positive that they have lost this customer.  I’m positively positive that AT&T doesn’t give a flying fuck about this.

I’m really put off by the lack of resolution to my technical problems.  Even more put off by an August 3rd service date.

You fucking people.

You know what else sucks?



Coincidence?  I don’t think so.

Vader “Here are the new designs for the all terrain vehicle we will be deploying for this campaign.”

Emperor “Hmmmm, OK……I guess.”

Vader “What’s wrong now?”

Emperor “I just imagined something with more personality.”

Vader “It’s solid,  has room for 4 and has articulated frohzzon particle engine jets across the entire surface.”

Emperor “It’s just meh.  All of our ships look like that.”

Vader “We save money if everything is the same color.”

Emperor “Oh, that’s not it.  I’m colorblind anyway.  It’s just got no soul.  No motion in its space ocean, man.  Can we give it some feet or whiskers, maybe.”

Vader ”  *rolls eyes*  I’ll have somebody work up some new designs.”


Vader “He loves it.”

Engineer “But, it barely works.  IT WALKS!  LAWL”

Vader “I know.”

Engineer “People speed walk faster than this thing manages to stumble along.  It’s a death trap.”

Vader “You’re welcome to tell him that.”

Engineer “Whatever.  He’s the boss.  Giant tin camel it is.  But I’m not taking the fall for this disaster when it hits the fan.”

Vader “As you wish.”

I.M. Pangs

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