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Spider Activity Increase Alert

July 24, 2011

I find that my communications with these ninjas is met with silence.

A nice sized specimen lowered itself next to my arm while I was using the bathroom facilities.  The boldness was shocking.

Rather than panic, I attempted civilized dialogue.  I informed the spy that I was in such a mood as may never happen again and that I would give it until my hands were washed to get its leggy ass out of my sight.

When I turned back from the sink.  There it hung still.  Twirling trollishly at the end of a silken tether.

Having issued the warning already, I had no choice but to make the threat real.

In some respects, I’m positive the arachnid won this round.  At cost, obviously.

This was the second similarly styled incursion in just a few days.

Prior to this horrifying restroom confrontation, there was a direct attack on my person.

I could see it suspended before me.  It is connected somehow.  Moving as I move.

I see flashes of red and black as it dances on the wire, counteracting my movements.  Maintaining its position directly in front of my face.

Seesawing back and forth like a panicky yo-yo.

I reacted in my best counterinsurgency mode.

It looked something like this…

Witnesses reported strange growling and guttural noises coming from the victim.

I.M. Pangs

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  1. Necromanticore permalink
    July 25, 2011 1:03 PM

    Nasty critters. You’re lucky you came away in one piece.

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