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It’s Not Sports, It’s Reality TV

June 26, 2011
Al Bundy

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4th and Forever.

SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULEZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the hell is this crap?

Can we stop obsessing so fucking hard about high school athletics?  Isn’t it bad enough at the collegiate level?

The show follows around some aspects of the Long Beach Polytechnic High School football team.

I really don’t need to see a player’s mom pushing him to play hurt in a pre-season scrimmage because this is his last and only avenue to become a good person.

I’m cool with pushing people to their limits for something they believe in.  Being a top athlete takes dedication and shit tons of hard work.  However….

Perhaps it would help these kids to avoid suggesting that if they do not get a football scholarship (though I’m pretty sure Mom in this instance was thinking draft payday), that there is nothing left for him.

These kinds of statements end up being self-fulfilling.

I wonder how much of that the mother would have put on if she had not been on camera.

It seems like everyone is trying to emulate some movie about the downtrodden kid making it big.  Here in Chicago we are getting to know new Bulls draft pick, Jimmy Butler, who got kicked out of his home at 13 before finally making his was to the Bulls via Marquette University.

Butler and Michael Oher are rarities.

Except in sports media.  This shit is pulled on viewers every chance they get.  The long journey.  From rubble to renown.   Out of the ashes.  You’ve seen it hashed and rehashed.

Really don’t need this crap pushed in a “reality” show.

Reality is Al Bundy drinking a beer on his ratty couch, smelling of feet, and reminiscing about those 4 touchdowns he scored in the City Championship for Polk High.

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