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Down The Rabbit Hole

June 23, 2011

The Internet is a great source of info.  It is so magical that I find it impossible to accept that there is anything I can’t discover.  I obsess like a junk fiend when I can’t find some data bit.  Pounding my keyboard as I reinvent my search technique over and over again.

A while back, maybe a year ago, I watched a terrible movie called Samurai.  It was dubbed in English and just strange enough to lure me in.  The film didn’t bother to deliver any amount of greatness after that.  In fact, it was grueling just to get through to the end.  But I did.  I prevailed.

Roll credits.

That’s when I heard the song.  It was some sort of French rap song to do with Samurais.  I know this because “SAMURAIS” is the only thing I could understand.  And they kept repeating it.

Nevertheless, I dug the beat in a weird way.  I wondered who sang it and if they maybe had other music.  I turned to the Internet.  I could not come up with anything.

The credits had run to their end while I was using faulty Google-fu.  I was stuck running around in the maze of the Interzone.  Following fading scents into informational dead-ends.  I have no idea how long I kept up the hunt, but it was too long.

I filed it away.

Today, that damn movie was on again.  It had about a half hour left to go.  I knew if I turned the channel or walked away, I would forget this business just long enough to miss those credits.  So I sat and endured.

All so I could listen to some ridiculous rap song, which has a rather ridiculous video to go along with it.

While finding that video, I also pulled up a trailer for the movie.  The trailer almost makes it seem like the movie would be funny.  I think that’s due to the trailer being in German.

The song: “L’ art du Samourai” by Passi, TNT & RCFA.

I really appreciate the Women of Many Fighting Disciplines Dance Gang in the video.  You wouldn’t want to get served by those gals unless you had Butters with you.

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