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The MWRD gets F’d

May 12, 2011
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That’s right!

In an effort to make the Chicago River safe for boating and swimming, the federal Environmental Protection Agency has issued an order that likely will force two wastewater treatment plants to stop discharging bacteria-laden effluent into the waterway.

The move signals a major defeat for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, which has fought for years to avoid making improvements to the plants. It argues the river system is an industrial shipping channel that residents aren’t interested in using for recreation.

Currently, the MWRD’s policies make Chicago the only large city in the country to discharge effluent into the water without disinfecting it.

The city, its officials and, in particular, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District should be ashamed of themselves.

The fact that they call it an “industrial shipping channel” has never stopped these asswipes from setting real estate tax for riverfront property equivalent to owning property on the French Riviera.

Chicago River Day is May 14th for all the residents that don’t care about their industrial shipping channel.

Just remember, if you take a water taxi, don’t put your hand in the water.  Your flesh might burn off.  That’s OK though, because you shouldn’t be messing around in the fucking industrial shipping channel anyway.

God forbid you dumbasses try to put a kayak up in that shipping channel.  I just have mine because it helps me get chicks when I strap it on top of the Jeep.

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