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Forever Remember: Fake-Feeling Momentousness

May 2, 2011
City of Abbottabad at Night

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Let me get this out there up front – I’m happy that you’re happy.

I’m happy you got a chance to chant USA and revel in the streets because some chump in Abbottabad took a slug to the forehead.

For me, I don’t feel any better than I did yesterday about The Way Things Be.  I don’t even feel bad about TWTB.  That’s just, well, the way things be.  Sink or swim.

I just see insidious undertoads everywhere.  None of it had anything much to do with foreign devil enemies.  For me, the night was marked by the usual communications failures.  The reporting of this crap went down in a foul manner.  It was done in a way to maximize tension prior to the announcement.  Maximize tension for an event that a good many people would not have had much tension about.  So much crap can go wrong and be broadcast via an impromptu Presidential announcement about National Security that it is disgraceful to pitter patter around it.  Just tell people up front and inform them of the details when you can rather than stirring the frenzy and then showing up at the microphone 30 minutes late (no, that’s not an exact figure, so F you).

There are people who have been waiting for something dire to happen for years.  They were all sure this was the big one, whatever that is.  Alien Invasion.  WW4.  An upcoming Snooki/Cody Simpson/Donald Trump Hair Band Tribute Tour.  Duck and cover.

I don’t even have the energy to discuss the rampant hyperbole about what this event means in the world.

The fun part was seeing the swirling energy of The Internet kick in when It wanted to know what the fuck was happening RIGHT NOW.

Other Pertinent Facts of the Moment:

I was watching Iron Man when this stuff took over my TV.  Coincidence?

Celebrity Apprentice got interrupted.  Coincidence?

May 1 announcement.  Coincidence?

Moments like this, in the afterglow, I find myself with a surly attitude.  Probably because that’s what attitude I had prior as well, but perhaps….just perhaps….it isn’t me this time.

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