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These are not the bones you’re looking for

April 25, 2011
Saffron Burrows at 43rd Karlovy Vary Internati...

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I just watched the last episode of Bones.

Apparently it was not really a Bones episode, but an hour shill for something they cooked up about a “finder” in the Florida Keys working alongside a hot bartender with an accent (Saffron Burrows, who I find strange-looking) and a semi-gentle giant (who else but Michael Clarke Duncan).

Mostly a waste of effort.

You can’t really call something a spin-off if none of the characters have anything to do with the original show.  Except, of course, the 10 minutes of back-story concocted just for this episode.

The whole thing was weird and I feel less spectacular for having been a part of it.

I couldn’t get the taste of Cousin Oliver out of my mouth.

I saw some of the episode without sound when it originally aired.  I think I was at a pub or something.  I would glance up periodically and see nobody I recognized and assume the channel was changed.  Then I would see one of the normal characters.  Repeat.

Now my pub experience makes more sense, but the episode in question further proves how wrong it was.

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