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Irritation Tuesday!

April 12, 2011
Lonely FedEx

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Today is one of those days that looks beautiful.

However, once you are outside and not sitting in a patch of sunlight inside the house, it is actually damn cold out.  And you didn’t even bother to put a coat on.

It’s also the day I marked to have my taxes done.  Been grinding away at the loose fringes of that mess all day.  I understand the need for funding.  I just find the whole morass annoying.  The mounds of paperwork.  Dark, dreary mazes of code.  The annoyance of timing.

Have you ever had the chance to actually watch a shell game in progress on the street?  TV would make you think these are really common occurrences.

The smiling face of a slimy feller beckons you to join in the fun.  You know people are getting fast fisted.  Hell, they know they are too.  They play anyway.

I feel that way about my taxes.

“OK, we are going to take this sum out before we give you your earnings.  But, not all of it, just like half or so.”

“Seems reasonable”

“Sure, sure.  We might even give you money back later!”

“That sounds great.”

“Well, everyone doesn’t get money back.  Some people owe more….much more….let’s take a look at these numbers, shall we?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, sir.  Your state is a bumbling, leathernecked douchebag.  Would you like a brochure about their newly built debtors’ prison?”

“ah…no, thanks”

“Oh, pardon me.  One more thing.  It seems like you failed to donate to the Presidential reelection fund!”

Point is.  I’m irritated and my desk is more messy now.

To add insult to injury, FedEx was supposed to deliver a package today.

I took a break minutes ago to track that sucker and discovered that it had been delivered at 1:30pm.

I suppose I could have missed the doorbell due to the noise of my teeth grinding.

Hmmm, no package.  Perhaps the local hoods managed to swipe it from right under my nose.

No.  I called FedEx.  They already knew that the package was delivered to the wrong address.  The Wrong Recipient had called and informed them and FedEx had rescheduled delivery for tomorrow.

I suppose it was too much to ask them to update their fucking tracking system (either online or phone) to indicate these facts.  Then I wouldn’t have spent 40 minutes on the phone trying to navigate the craptastic FedEx phone tree.  Every time you swear angrily, the voice system reboots itself in confusion.

PROTIP for the FedEx peeps:  your voice response help system should probably know what “fuck you” represents by now and where It should direct that poor caller.

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