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NFL Dreamland

March 29, 2011
Created by Jason R Remy (Jayron32)

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There’s some nonsense going on with the NFL and unions and crybabies and some serious issues and I don’t know what all else.  I don’t care what their issues are.  Play or no play.  Grunt.

However, I was just thinking about the NFL playoffs.  Currently, the best teams earn their way into the playoffs over a full season.  Then the champion is determined via a single elimination tournament.

I would like to see them keep the 16 regular season games and the same playoff bracket.  However, each match-up would be a home-and-home 2 game series, winner determined by total score.  Tiebreaker third game, if required, at the home location of the team that otherwise would have earned home-field advantage.

The Pittsburgh Steelers played 24 games last season (4 preseason, 16 regular season, 4 playoffs).  In this proposed scenario, the winner of the championship could play as few as 24 and as many as 30 (if all tournament match-ups go the full three games).

It can be tweaked down from 30 with a little creativity, but I’m not going to bother since the NFL would never do anything this radical.

Yeah, I know – “blah blah blah wouldn’t work blah blah you’re crazy blabbity blah-bity Packers suck….”

I was just pondering some shit.  Get off my back.

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