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Dropping the Bags

March 26, 2011
First lindsay lohan

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What’s in a name?

You would expect an actor to be familiar with that turn of phrase.

Apparently Lindsay Lohan is dropping the Lohan.

This saddens me.  I think she should have gone with The Lohan.  Lindsay is fine, but anyone can be Lindsay.  Hell, anyone is.  Someone is, at any rate.  Whoever  you are, Other Lindsay, you should fight back.

Apparently little sis and mom are going back to mom’s maiden name.  I think this will let the shadows deepen around them, preventing the glare of the Public Eye from charring them and eating them alive.  With a pinch of salt and a piquant dribble of lime.  Definitely a great move in my opinion.  Hide from the savages.

Thing is….We have already tasted them.  We know.  We won’t forget.

Even with the bags, still douches.


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