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WTF, Animals? Ear, Nose and Throat Edition

March 24, 2011
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I was just reading someone’s tale of woe regarding eye drops for her cat.  I was imagining loud caterwauling, flinging eye drops from about a foot away and a damp-headed cat with murderous passion in its eyes.

It made me muse on my new daily ritual of dog teeth brushing.

Last year, the dog had to have a full teeth cleaning.  It was as expensive as a new house and it involved anesthesia.  As a result (and for The Health of the Beast!), I have taken on what measure of prevention I can.

So, every morning after the dog eats, we go through a strange dance involving chicken flavored paste, mouth clenching (by both of us) and the smearing of a muzzle with the previously mentioned paste.  For The Glory of The Realm!

Like any good dog owner (I am good and I own a dog.  Don’t think Scout just got called a good dog.), I have assembled a pile of teeth brushing implements that might work.  There is a mostly normal looking toothbrush that is long and skinny with a tiny bristle head and a gentle bend toward the business end.  Then there is a variety of tips in the finger puppet style – rubber tips, bristle tips, massage tips, reservoir tips – whatever it takes.  And there is some kind of dental wet wipe that seems like a foolishly useless product.

The method doesn’t really matter.  They all fail miserably.  Nevertheless, we try.

Some days, like yesterday, I just don’t feel like doing it.  On those days, like yesterday, the dog will come in to the kitchen after eating and look at me expectantly.  Waiting.  With a little tail wag.

I think, OK, let’s do this.

Then the dog promptly becomes indignant and refuses to open her mouth or turn whichever way you need her to.  She’s a squirmer and extremely adept at boxing-style head feints.

Every day is a battle for control.  I appear to be losing in embarrassing fashion.

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  1. March 24, 2011 5:36 PM

    Try brushing his ears instead(not the insides mind). I bet he will be much more amenable.

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