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Dibs Dubbed Done?

February 22, 2011

Dibs.  The practice is generally accepted in the wake of a blizzard.

From that point until the snow is just a memory, every citizen has their own view of how long you can claim dibs.

The other day, I saw that other people besides cranky Interzone bastards are paying attention.

The last vestiges of the dibs clutter is being monitored.


Chicago Parking Enforcement is on the spot.

...but are they doing other than admiring the view?

The debris remains king of the day.

But wait! Is that a citizen hero?

....saving us from Undead Dibs Contamination one piece at a time!


I don’t know if that hooded hero came back and painstakingly removed the dibs debris one piece at a time or if the Parking Sentinels arranged for something through Official Channels.

Either way, the grass is clear today (besides a new dusting of snow).

You can decide for yourself what transpired one brisk and snow-free day in late February.



Best dibs ever?

Don’t move the car.


Island in the stream



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