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Boggy Mornin’ to Ya

February 18, 2011

Well, The Melt has happened.  To be frank, it has gone better than expected.  At least in the immediate vicinity of the household.

Other than a few slugs, the snow has gone to ground.


Snow Slug seeking refuge.




One of the last remaining Snow Slug hives



Over by the river is another story.  It’s rather mucky.

I tried to avoid the worst of it, but I hate running on pavement, so there is no getting around it.  By the time we headed toward home this morning, I had given up all hope that the dog wasn’t going to be a large pile of muck on four legs.

I made the mistake of running behind the ball field where it’s primarily sand and leaves.  The actual infield sand is packed down hard, but behind the backstop fence, it isn’t as well trod.

My first step sunk deep into the sandmuck.  I had the sickening feeling that stepping in a fresh turd gives you.  Soft, slippery and wrong.  The next step was even worse.  And the next.

It was how I imagine wading through freshly dropped Tyrannosaur feces would be.

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