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Back in the Saddle

February 7, 2011

Take heed all you folks that left your cars wherever they came to a stop.  Normal parking enforcement resumes 9am CST this morning.

I know how awesome it felt when you abandoned your car on Lake Shore Drive like you were a hero in a disaster movie, but playtime is over.  Go get your damn car from the tow lot.

And the owners of the One Vehicle Per 1300 Feet of Western Avenue?  Move your fucking car.  People drive like loons.  They’re already careening down a major, two-lane thoroughfare in nascar packs.  Then WHAM, up ahead, is where you’ve left your mark on society.  The one prick that hasn’t moved his car for this few blocks.

It really isn’t the end of days.  Unless it is.  And those people are already making a break for it.  Or setting up an elaborate trap scenario.

Either way, perhaps we should follow their lead.  The snow might come back.

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