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December 31, 2010

I woke up in a more foul mood than usual this morning.  Some days are like that.

I woke a tad earlier than normal and tried to go back to sleep for the half hour until 6am.  Hoping against all reason that the dog would not notice I was awake and/or just let me be until it was really time to get up.

This didn’t happen and I spend a good ten minutes trying to ignore her, chide her and beg her.  All the while running through my skull a list of annoyances (see below, if you must, but it really doesn’t matter).

The weather is not warm and fuzzy.  It’s dark.  I feel tired.

I grumbled through the prep work.  SealSkinz, tights, tops, gloves, harness, leash, baggies.

I grumbled through the first part of our run.

Then it happened.  I heard myself.  Loud and clear.  Because I resembled a crazy, homeless person hollering at the sky.

The dog was in hysterics because a duck was hanging out in a puddle 50 yards away.  I was trying to keep a move on.  I was yelling at the dog “GET SOME FUCKING PERSPECTIVE FOR FUCK’S SAKE”

Well, that’s just insane.

Clarity came before the echoes of my screeching died out.

I realized that I was palling around with my dog in a park, in a New Year’s Eve lightning storm with not another soul in sight.  Properly attired and comfortable.  Lightly panting from invigorating exercise.  Where the hell else would I want to be?

Face to the wind, thunder in the sky, laugh in the dark, and run til you fly


Dog shit.  It was preternaturally warm yesterday.  All the sins of days past are unmasked as the snow melts.  This includes the pile of dog crap in my driveway.  Fuck you people.  This is a sign of the end.  The end of my patience.  I can be a shitty neighbor too, you know.

Taxes.  The Illinois government is hell-bent on spending more money.  This is likely to result in an enormous increase in my property tax.  My tax increased quite a bit last year.  You politicians can go fuck yourselves.  Learn frugality like the majority of individual households in the state have during TTET.  I’m not against pensions for the police and firefighters, but I’m not going to shoulder the whole fucking burden myself either, assholes.  Worker contributions haven’t risen in 34 years?  You crazy?  Structural deficits?  Holy hell, people.  And the timing of this?  Yeah, more go fuck yourselves.

Municipalities in the Downstate police and fire system had urged Quinn to sign the reform legislation as a good first step, figuring they’ll come back later to try to deal with “structural deficits” in the pension programs — meaning finding ways to bring promised benefits and funding levels into line without sending taxes soaring.

Radio didn’t help.  Nobody in the target audience for ESPN radio wants to hear Hootie and the Blowfish.  I know Darius Rucker is a pal to all the ESPN wanks, but we don’t care.  Fuck you.  Also, every single analyst and anchor (with about 3 exceptions) sucks ass.  Having been a coach or player does not make you a good talking head.  In fact, it primarily contributes to you being a tedious boor.  How can you fuckups ruin sports?  Seriously, how?  Some day, we are all just going to stop putting up with Chris Berman and his band of moronic losers.

Yahoo news.  This stuff is a snapshot into the mindset of the average idiot.  It’s not good.  TV’s best viral videos?  These are called ads, people.  Best viral videos of the year?  In other words, how to turn video fun into the most boring tripe you’ve seen lately.  Rupert Everett slamming Jennifer Aniston?  Really, sir?  You jelly?  How Elton chose a baby name.  A baby book.  Oh, those crazy celebs.  Top 5 Feuds of 2010.  I didn’t say anything, calm down.  People can read it for themselves.  Why thrifty is in now?  How odd, I wonder what could have resulted in that.  N. Korea broadcasts a Western film on TV (Bend it Like Beckham).  It highlights issues of tolerance, equality and soccer.  1 out of 3 ain’t bad, Kim.

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  1. December 31, 2010 5:20 PM

    So, what brought on this giddy mood?

  2. January 3, 2011 8:20 PM

    I probably care.

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