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Get your creep on

October 28, 2010
The stepford wife

Image by The_bosshog via Flickr

With Windows.

The advert is called “Family Photo”.  It’s one of those Windows 7 – To the Cloud commercials.

Essentially, a woman can’t get her family pile to unfuck themselves long enough to take a satisfactory family portrait.

Mom then does what she can using Windows and some fancy picture editing to create a beauteous picture of Stepford-level perfection.

She then beams at us, “Windows gives me the family nature never could.”

I don’t really give a rat’s whisker about the message and all that nonsense.  Scores of people have already gotten up in arms about how this is the kind of thing, blah yadda etc and so forth.  Sure, the imagery is laughably oafish and, coupled with the words, would leave most people with a bad taste about where are collective heads are at.  On the other hand, the poor woman might just want a nice damn picture for once.  It doesn’t mean the Spirit of Family was slaughtered at an altar of used mobile phones, bottled water and HFCS in a request for virtually perfect unreality from the Great God of Redmond.

What irks me is that the machine that cranks these things out seems to be perpetually on the fritz.  They had to know someone would get twisted knickers over this.  Presumably they assume their target Mom wouldn’t be bothered by this.  I would wonder at that thought process.  Was there a process?  Probably a perfect process to produce perfect product placements.  It’s all good.  Have another donut and some syrup-flavored bean water.

Now, the creepy part is that although I keep seeing this asstastic ad on my TV, every video within reach on the Interzone is unwatchable.  Youtube fails me yet again.

You Microsuckers really are a weird little country.

This actually pushes into my next topic – photography:  art or document.  I’ll get into that later, if I can muster it up.  Some of it might be about hillbillies.  That’s good stuff.  Idn’t it?

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  1. October 28, 2010 6:20 PM

    Let me save you the trouble. If it’s a photo of Monica Bellucci in a stunning Dior floor length gown on the red carpet at Cannes, it’s a document. If it’s a photograph of Monica Bellucci reclining naked on a dishevelled luxury hotel bed in Cannes with a stunning view of the plage, it’s art.

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